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Middle East – Topics & Arguments is a unique platform for innovative research on the Middle East combining disciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches. Articles critically reevaluate established scholarly traditions and think beyond entrenched disciplinary boundaries. By bringing together well-known academics and young scholars with international backgrounds, a broad range of perspectives will ensure lively debates. Middle East – Topics and Arguments wants to encourage interdisciplinary discussion on two levels: Firstly, between social sciences and humanities in the field of Middle Eastern studies, and secondly, between Middle Eastern studies and the systematic disciplines. We thereby aim at integrating regional academic discourse into a global setting. We hope to ensure trans-regional comparability, thus leaving behind the notion of cultural and religious exceptionalism which has for a long been connected with Middle Eastern studies. Each issue of Middle East – Topics & Arguments focuses on one main topic. This allows for perspectives from different disciplines, such as: cultural studies, literary studies, linguistics, history, political science, sociology, anthropology, economics, ancient studies.


Middle East – Topics & Arguments invites scholars to submit articles on the topics indicated in the calls for each issue, but also on other topics regarding up-to-date debates on the Middle East. Authors are encouraged to write concise and focused articles that think beyond entrenched disciplinary boundaries. Calls for papers for specific issues are published regularly on

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