Content » Egyptian German Science Monitor - Issue 2

Egyptian German Science Monitor - Issue 2

In the second edition of the Egyptian German Science Monitor we have the pleasure to follow up on last year’s annual conference of the German Science Centre (DWZ) which took place in November 2015: „Re-thinking Energy: Scientific Input – Social Outcome”. This year’s German Egyptian Science Monitor thus serves as a collection of selected conference contributions in order to document the findings in a sustainable manner and make them accessible to the broader public. 

Responding to the complexity of the multidimensional subject of energy, the conference was structured in line with the diverse expertise of the DWZ members and followed this year’s annual theme „Moving Science – Energy for the Future”. Throughout the conference the entire range of topics concerning energy was analyzed within five different working sessions. Ranging from the expansion of renewable energies, to socio-economic implications and the necessity of awareness raising within the educational sector. A summary of the major outcomes can be found within this publication.

The goal of the conference and this publication is to deepen and impart the understanding of renewable energies and the opportunity they constitute for an Egyptian German scientific and economic cooperation.