News » Awarding Ceremony for outstanding support of Egyptian-German Collaboration in Science and Innovation

Awarding Ceremony for outstanding support of Egyptian-German Collaboration in Science and Innovation

On 27th of May, the German Science Centre honored scientists, supporting the German-Egyptian Cooperation in science and research, with “the yearly DWZ-Prize for Outstanding Support of Egyptian-German Collaboration in Science and Innovation”. By awarding a non-endowed prize, the DWZ acknowledges outstanding support for the scientific and research cooperation between both countries.

In front of invited audience from academia, science and research, three Egyptian laureates were honored on a ceremonial evening for their accomplishments and therewith they were raised to ambassadors and role models of joint collaboration. This year’s prize went to Prof. Dr. Adel Khalil, a pioneer of Renewable Energies in Egypt, for the successful establishment of Cairo University’s bi-cultural Master’s program with the University Kassel “Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency for the MENA Region (REMENA)”. Prof. Dr. Hosam el Refai, Dean of the Faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management of the Helwan University was honored for his superior achievements in establishing joint degree Master’s programs. So far, he initated and coordinated three degree courses between Helwan University and different German universities. The third prize was awarded to the young PhD candidate Akram Abdellatif from the Technical University of Munich, who is a highly promising example of German-Egyptian education cooperation. His training and major ambition were essential for his nomination as the first Egyptian candidate for the astronaut program of the NASA.

The selection of this year’s prize winners each with backgrounds from various scientific disciplines shows clearly the wide alliance of the German-Egyptian research landscape. The Deputy Head of Mission of the German Embassy in Cairo, Mr. Christoph Retzlaff, pointed out the importance of the scientific and innovational sector for the general cooperation among both countries. He gave a short review of the long history of German schools in Egypt which even existed before the first German Embassy in Cairo has been established. The guests received an outlook of the agenda of the government regarding the Egyptian education system by Prof. Dr. Tarek Shawqi, Chairman of Presidential Advisory Council for Education and Scientific Research. He announced fundamental changes which definitely are going to affect the higher education institutions at some point, in order to accept the moving up students’ generation. Prof. Shawqi also underlined the ambitions of the new government to higher the accessibility of qualified education, which also needs to be implemented by the “Egyptian Knowledge Bank”. Dr. Yasser el Shayeb from the Cairo University presented as a keynote speaker the major project about the enlightening of the hidden burial chambers of Tutanchamunin, which gives a perfect example for the narrow connection of scientific and technical methods combined with the reception of cultural inheritance. Therewith, he connected the disciplines of the prizewinners and emphasized the relevance of interdisciplinary cooperation. Dr. Belal ElSheikh gave the evening its cultural atmosphere with his oriental band Sahr ElSharq.

Text: Mahinaz El Gayar, Manar Youssef, Nariman Ibrahim